Friday, April 3, 2009

The music

so it is 3 in the morning here in california. im pretty sick, im quitting smoking, this is my third time, and this time i am doing it to participate in a medical study of some sort. im excited, i needed the money (i wont tell you how much, but the first number is three). not much to do, except go on walks feeling sick, or act like im not sick, but feel sick. weve all done it, right?

also, a lot of thinking of the fun things to do sitting down, hmm....? a new release, the third release from holiday records. victory. after the first song, i was floored, its amazing. one of the things ive always loved about me and jakes relationship, weve always tried to one up each other when it comes to music. and we always would, since we were kids. but now, jake is so good, it just makes me want to try harder. i just released my e.p. last week, some of my favorite song ive written yet, im already writing new things, deleting things that arent good enough. these days i dont normally do better than jake, he is older than me, but im going to get him!

three is everywhere.

the writing process:

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