Sunday, May 31, 2009


what it is. im not posting here much, because there isnt much news. im just working on music everyday, working to get money everyday, and ending up being really tired. what is news, bonfire kids is starting to work on a music video, and should be available to you guys in a couple of months. dont hold your breath though, you never know with these things. i never know with these things.

just saw up today, heh.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sorry about all the videos. i always hate when blogs post a million videos, but i can't help it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

nyc popfest vol 2

last night at the cake shop in new york city, after a weekend of nothing but practicing, my band the Drums, played our first concert ever. it went really well, and i think everyone had a really good time. thanks so much to all of my friends that showed up! there was a bit of a rough start and a few bumps along the way but it all came together in the end. cats on fire showed up just after we played (probably for the best, i didn't need any extra pressure haha!). but i did work up the nerve to talk to them and tell them how much i loved their concert friday night. here is a little video from the show:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

nyc popfest vol 1

last night we got a text from clyde that said "hey can the radio dept borrow your guitar?" of course i grabbed my guitar (it's actually caleb's) and jumped on a train and we ran the whole way there. when we got to the club clyde said 'oh, they borrowed one from someone else'. so.... the radio dept almost borrowed my guitar. i wish they had actually borrowed it, but it was a really fun night anyway. they played a good show and the cats on fire played. wow! cats on fire is the best live band i have ever seen in my life. no joke. i was blown away. i was already a huge fan but now i am just so in love. everyone i was with loved their show, a few people who had never heard the band before. i wanted to say hi but i was too shy. i hope they're at our show tomorrow and i can work up the courage to tell them how much i enjoyed their concert. that's all for now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

on a plane at night

tonight i flew into jfk for the new york city pop fest this weekend. it was already a late flight but then it was delayed about 3 times. i ended up landing at around 1am. but it did give me a chance to listen to the victory VIII song; on a plane at night while i was actually on a plane at night. and i think the feeling of the song did turn out just like i had imagined. i also realized (like most things i wrote about on that V8 release) that i've never actually been on a plane at night (that release has turned out to be very prophetic for me this year!), or at least if i had been on a plane at night before maybe i've never had a window seat. it looked amazing. all the lights on the ground made the most interesting patterns and shapes. almost like crop circles. i tried to find a good picture of what i saw but this was the best google images could give me. it's close but not nearly as stunning. well, i suppose that's all for now. make sure to check out the wonderful new release by Sunshower Orphans! goodnight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Parallelograms

Introducing The Parallelograms!

Think 'The School' meets 'Language of Flowers' but more jangle and all the fun of both!

Check them out!
I go through these periods of being completely obsessed with a particular band, and lately it's been Jens Lekman (well, he rises to the top of my favorites list quite often). I'm sure you've all heard the glory that is Jens, but I wonder if you've seen this little video. It is completely charming...

That's right, it's Maple Leaves in Swedish, performed on Hammer Hill. Perfect, yeah? It gets me excited about Summer nights and makes me wish I could whistle.

Happy day-before-Friday, friends. Looking forward to tomorrow's release...

Friday, May 8, 2009