Friday, May 15, 2009

on a plane at night

tonight i flew into jfk for the new york city pop fest this weekend. it was already a late flight but then it was delayed about 3 times. i ended up landing at around 1am. but it did give me a chance to listen to the victory VIII song; on a plane at night while i was actually on a plane at night. and i think the feeling of the song did turn out just like i had imagined. i also realized (like most things i wrote about on that V8 release) that i've never actually been on a plane at night (that release has turned out to be very prophetic for me this year!), or at least if i had been on a plane at night before maybe i've never had a window seat. it looked amazing. all the lights on the ground made the most interesting patterns and shapes. almost like crop circles. i tried to find a good picture of what i saw but this was the best google images could give me. it's close but not nearly as stunning. well, i suppose that's all for now. make sure to check out the wonderful new release by Sunshower Orphans! goodnight.

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  1. Flying at night is one of the best things ever. I'm always surprised when people don't look out their windows--looking down at the city lights and clouds will never get old to me.