Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i used to have this yo-yo in high school and i want to have it again but i can't find it anywhere. i'm going to keep looking.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Me and Dinosaurs!

ok, this post is going to be the exact opposite of the last post my brother Caleb just made. i just had the best day of my life and here's why:

i was meeting my friend Aimmee uptown for what i thought was just a business lunch. turns out she was taking me to the American Museum of Natural History to see Journey To The Stars narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg!!! i know, calm down jake. it was amazing! and then... we saw dinosaurs:

crazy gems that do crazy things all by themselves in nature:

a giant Native American canoe:

and a meteorite from outer space! (the biggest in any museum in the world):


Hair Cut....

so, update. but first lets do this. i want all of you to imagine the worst thing ever, the complete worst thing ever in the whole world. alright...now, thats what was happening to me. let me tell you, alright, wait, we'll back track for just a second.

ive lived in california for about 9 months now. some things. anyways, i used to live with my brother jake, and jacob is the one that has always cut my hair. forever, always even when we were kids. little children.

so its been awhile since ive had a hair cut. tonight, i could not sleep. my hair was in my face, i was all sweaty cause i have so much hair and no heat could escape from the top of my head, oh my god, am i right? of course i am. so now i want you to imagine the worst thing in the world ever, again...cause that might be what i did to my hair.

who knows, i think i'll be fine. i sorta had to take a break from it, cause its so dang hot in this house. i couldnt cut it anymore, it was all stuck to my forehead, i know, the worst! ill finish it up tomorrow.

but, dont worry, i think it actually looks sorta good. and all of you just wait till tomorrow. just wait until you run into me tomorrow. anyways
always your very favorite,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reasons to get excited

Reason number 1:

Reason number 2:

nuff said...

no atcually ill say a little bit more. i had no idea they were doing these, i cant wait. i guess they're trying to release all the peanuts specials by the decade they were released in. 6 per release it seems, which is sorta silly since its a two disc set, and probably 12 could fit on one disc alone. but still, very very very much excited for these, and so happy that they are finally doing this. another 6 more years, and they will be done release on the strips.
from you very favorite,

This week's release is a little something Justin and I have been working on together since last spring. We were thinking of releasing them as Acorn Boys songs at first, and then we realized that might be a little weird since I'm not a boy. Acorn...BoysandaGirl? A little too complicated.

So Church Library it is. Three songs made with acoustic guitar, girl vocals and lots of heart. Hope you like 'em!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

get em while they're hot!

Funny Story or On A Plane At Night Volume Two

so yesterday..(or maybe it was two days ago.. i'm a little confused) when we were waiting for a car to go to the airport i found a hat on the road and now i have a new had. but that's not the story, that's just how i got my new hat. so we're on this overnight flight to london and i'm sitting in a row with four lovely  black women. well, when you're on international flights you have to fill out these cards with all of your passport info, occupation and stuff like that. all the cards are passed out and i get a pen out of my bag to fill it out and just when i pressed the pen to the paper there was a brilliant explosion of black ink! it was everywhere, all over my hands, the tray table. just a mess and the more i tried to help matters the more i just smeared ink into the tray table. after much laughter from my row someone gave me a napkin, which didn't do a whole lot of good but was a nice gesture.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

keep it up!

happy six month anniversary!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new vinyl

so 2 week until today our sink has been overflowing. we havent been able to turn it on for 2 weeks, and dirty water would come up from the drain, fill up the sink, and overflow onto the floor/into our silwerware drawer. all of our dishes were gross, the sink was gross...smelled so bad. but they finally fixed it today. i spent 3 hours cleaning it all up, every single dish, mopped the floors, washed all of our towls that were on the floor. eww.

so after all my hard gross work, and for working hard all week, i decided to treat myself. got on ebay, and saw that there was an auction for a starfyler 59 leave here a stranger vinyl. TOOOOooooOOOOO cool! ending in a couple of hours. there has only been a hundred of them printed.

so you are now looking at the typing of a child who has bought himself starflyer 59's leave here a stranger on vinyl. i won! have a good week you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it's time i let you know

Well, Fall has been slowly taking over here on the beautiful East Coast, and I'm beginning to feel really alive and really hopeful. Fall always does that to me.

So in celebration of the season of scarves, cardigans and bright yellow leaves, I want to share this link to a wonderful Fall-ish video by Days (get their album from our friends at Shelflife, whydontcha?).

It's perfection, I promise. http://blogg.svt.se/psl/2007/09/21/musik-med-days/


Saturday, September 5, 2009


sometimes life is hard. i'm so glad of all the blokes in my band. we all miss our brothers and girl friends and things but we've still got each other!