Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funny Story or On A Plane At Night Volume Two

so yesterday..(or maybe it was two days ago.. i'm a little confused) when we were waiting for a car to go to the airport i found a hat on the road and now i have a new had. but that's not the story, that's just how i got my new hat. so we're on this overnight flight to london and i'm sitting in a row with four lovely  black women. well, when you're on international flights you have to fill out these cards with all of your passport info, occupation and stuff like that. all the cards are passed out and i get a pen out of my bag to fill it out and just when i pressed the pen to the paper there was a brilliant explosion of black ink! it was everywhere, all over my hands, the tray table. just a mess and the more i tried to help matters the more i just smeared ink into the tray table. after much laughter from my row someone gave me a napkin, which didn't do a whole lot of good but was a nice gesture.


  1. Have you been working out? Or do you just not know your own strength?

  2. Crazy time!
    Jacob, I am so obsessed with Disney's Robin Hood. We should have a Robin Hood party when you get back.