Friday, September 25, 2009

Hair Cut....

so, update. but first lets do this. i want all of you to imagine the worst thing ever, the complete worst thing ever in the whole world., thats what was happening to me. let me tell you, alright, wait, we'll back track for just a second.

ive lived in california for about 9 months now. some things. anyways, i used to live with my brother jake, and jacob is the one that has always cut my hair. forever, always even when we were kids. little children.

so its been awhile since ive had a hair cut. tonight, i could not sleep. my hair was in my face, i was all sweaty cause i have so much hair and no heat could escape from the top of my head, oh my god, am i right? of course i am. so now i want you to imagine the worst thing in the world ever, again...cause that might be what i did to my hair.

who knows, i think i'll be fine. i sorta had to take a break from it, cause its so dang hot in this house. i couldnt cut it anymore, it was all stuck to my forehead, i know, the worst! ill finish it up tomorrow.

but, dont worry, i think it actually looks sorta good. and all of you just wait till tomorrow. just wait until you run into me tomorrow. anyways
always your very favorite,


  1. haha... oh caleb, i'm sorry that had to happen to you. i can give you a hair cut in november i think.

  2. having to sift through my whinny emails is pretty bad too-thanks for being patient. I HAVE to keep my hair short, I look like such a dork if gets below my ears.
    -Brian Hancheck

  3. I always cut my own hair, and it's always on an impulse like that too. Sometimes it looks good. But it's probably never a good idea. I just hate paying money for stuff...