Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reasons to get excited

Reason number 1:

Reason number 2:

nuff said...

no atcually ill say a little bit more. i had no idea they were doing these, i cant wait. i guess they're trying to release all the peanuts specials by the decade they were released in. 6 per release it seems, which is sorta silly since its a two disc set, and probably 12 could fit on one disc alone. but still, very very very much excited for these, and so happy that they are finally doing this. another 6 more years, and they will be done release on the strips.
from you very favorite,


  1. Whoah, I had no idea either. That is exciting! Peanuts is rather wonderful.

  2. i can't wait! watch those... with you. or whatever