Friday, October 2, 2009

fall & music & cookies

Well, it’s finally October. Aren’t you glad? I’ve been pulling out my scarves and cardigans, so of course I’m just delighted. I’m also pulling out my fall soundtrack, which always includes the following:

And one more thing… I am baking. A ridiculous amount. I’m just obsessed, I can’t even help it. All my friends are getting cookies. So I’ve decided I want to make some Holiday Records cookies. I know, I’m a silly girl. But here is my question to you…

If Holiday Records were a cookie, what kind of cookie would it be? Chocolate? Sugar cookie? Something with mint or caramel or espresso or cinnamon? If you suggest something good--a flavor, a starting point--I will send you a batch.


  1. My vote is for snickerdoodles...

  2. sugar cookies with pink icing .

  3. and also i love that album, i was just too scared to say anything. i actually just pulled it out a few days ago. something is in the air! grl.

  4. one of Joy Electric's best albums. "The Boy Who Never Forgot is perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time. Now I have to go pull out Old Wives Tales.

    Brian Hancheck
    The Arctic Flow

  5. Old Wives Tales...I was just listening to that this summer. It's so innocent and pure, I love it.

    Thanks for the cookie suggestions! I will make some and post photos. ;)

  6. i was going to say... you must post photos!