Monday, November 2, 2009

how should i wear my problem hair?

Sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I just get stuck on certain songs. Lately it's been Perfection as a Hipster by God Help the Girl. The first 60 seconds, particularly... the rest of the song is ok but it's mainly the first verse. Neil Hannon's voice just kills me... so unexpected. And the delightful Stuart Murdoch melody kills me too, of course.

What's been on repeat for you lately?


  1. Eric Serra - "Deep Blue Dream"

    I still believe in miracles.

  2. songs by the wake that i somehow let slip through the cracks.

    never again.

  3. Probably the best song of the year in my personal top of 2009. The fantastic psycheshoegaze! "Keep me like a daydream" of Bolywool :