Sunday, November 15, 2009

if you're in the mood to laugh>

its mid morning, and the newly weds have just arrived to the orlando international airport. they make their way stumbling with all their bags to the counter so they can receive their ticket, they were going to italy, and they couldnt be more in love. the husband looks down at all the bags that they were checking, and says to his wife "you shoulda brought the piano"
she sighs, this is the beginning of all his complaining i suppose and says "i wish that you wouldnt be such a smart alec.
and he respond back to here sincerely " no i really mean that i wish you brought the piano, because i left my passport on it".

from caleb:
my brothers in town. its bee a lot of fun, and its sorta given me a new wind. ive started writing some new music, and i couldnt be happier with it. i guess seeing him lets me know what my future will be. my graham future.