Sunday, November 29, 2009

IT Was thanksgiving, and what we are thankful for...

it was thanksgiving last week, and me and emma went to visit my family in florida, so what are we all thankful for...?

last week i saw some friends in family, and ate a lot of good food for thanksgiving, so what are we all thankful for...?

while i was in florida i got to take the week off of work, and drink beers with my dad, wine with my mom, so what are we all thankful for...?

Im thankful for comic book. not just comic book though, regular books too. i got to get part of my huge collection of comic books while i was in florida. also some regular books.

long trips at airport are never fun for some one who is addicted to smoking, living in a country trying to outlaw it. eii me! so i needed a good book for the road
me and whats her face:

so what are you thankful for?

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  1. whats her face? you get away with that? i'm glad you got your books. i'm going to get some books of my own next week when i'm in florida! i had thanksgiving with tess and patrick last month and boy george was there too.