Saturday, November 13, 2010

he did care when i cut my hair...

Well, i'm somewhere in europe and I'm wishing I was home. I am grateful I assure you, but after a year of this I just miss my friends, and my own bed, and other things a little. It's so crazy that we're actually about to put out actual stuff. I have everything on a rush order because Two Wounded Birds are on tour with us now and I want them to have some cds to sell! Tonight Johnny Danger and I traded jackets. I think we were both just ready for a change. I haven't worn a jean jacket in a while, and Johnny looks quite nice in my aviator jacket. Andrew from the Young Friends wore it on halloween as part of an Indiana Jones costume, and it worked quite well for that too. we all hung out with the guys form the band Cut Your Hair tonight. they are nice. It is 4:36 am in Spain and there is still some raging party going on outside. I am going to watch Milo and Otis and go to sleep. It's actually a very intense film.


  1. oh no milo and otis i remember that. wow

    oh and what the hell is that picture from?

  2. oh nevermind forget I said anything